Tunnel Boring Machine (EPBM) for 13-foot diameter tunnel
under an environmental wetland in Sacramento. Excavation
shoring is by "soil nailing" and grouted tie-backs 30' long. Perry
provided Resident Engineering for SRCSD.
Jacking Shaft for 7-foot Herrenknecht Microtunnel Boring
Machine, boring under the American River. There were two
tunnels, each 600 LF in length.  Perry provided Resident
Engineering for Sacramento County
"Secant pile Shaft" 80 feet deep to receive the tunnel boring
machine after it tunnels under the American River. Two of
these shafts were required, one for each 600 LF long tunnel.
The shaft inside diameter is approx. 22 feet.
Contra Costa Water District, Bollman Water Plant, aerial view.
Perry consulted and managed several large and small projects
for CCWD, including the Bollman Safety and Water Quality
Project and Developer Projects.
The Salinas Valley growers, shown harvesting crops, benefit
from the irrigation facility that distributes reclaimed water at
Castroville.  Perry managed this 48 mile pipeline & pumping
project for the Monterey County Water Resources Agency.
This 2 million gallon water reservoir serves northern
Sacramento. Its construction utilized a technology ("DYK") to
wrap the tank with reinforcing cables for strength. Perry
performed inspection and resident  engineering for this facility.
As a member of the Program Management Team, Perry wrote
the Portland CSO Program Management Plan. This photo,
courtesy of CSO, shows a large interceptor pipe being lowered
into a secant pile shaft near the Willamette River.
Perry's role as Construction Manager for the San Francisco
Public Utilities Commission's program management included
engineering studies at O'Shaughnessy Dam, pictured here on
the reservoir side.
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Overview:  Background and Services

Perry's experience includes senior leadership in
design, construction, construction management,
facility startup and operations experience;
experience in the field and office collaborating with
project teams.

Perry's qualifications include:

• BSCE, Cornell University
• MBA, Santa Clara University
• Registered Civil Engineer
• Licensed General Contractor
• Construction Management Association of America
member and former board member

Perry managed owner teams and managed a general
contracting organization. This background provides
"both sides of the fence" perspectives on managing
work and resolving issues.

In the community, Perry serves currently and since
1982 as a member and chair of the San Bruno
Planning Commission. Professionally, he served as a
board member and chair of AGC, and s
erved as a
board member of CMAA, the construction managers
association; and,
was a member of AACEI, the cost
engineers' association.

Current Assignments:

Recently, Perry provided scheduling and change
order support for the Indian Health Center Meridian
Project, for general contractor W. G. Fritz

Perry provided resident engineering services
(construction management representative for NPS)
through Atkins (prime contract) to the National Park
Service at the San Francisco Martime National
Historical Park.

Perry performed CPM schedule review and analysis
services and resident engineering for Sacramento
Area Sewer District. The Central Trunk project
involved 8 miles of pipe rehabilitation, and
substantial hazardous materials removal from
sediments to permit pipe work.

As a dispute resolution team member on several
projects, he provided review of contractor's positions
to the owner, and provided computer-aided
engineering specialty support, including website
design, to owners, contractors and engineers.  

Perry can be reached at 650-255-7625, or by email
at perry@perrypetersen.com
National Park Service, Aquatic Park, San Francisco: Upgrade of
promenade level of this national historic building. Perry was
resident engineer for the project, following strict park
guidelines on construction practices.
Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP): Insituform® pipe liner has resin  
showing blue color in the photo. Substantial hazardous
material were tested and removed during the project. Perry
provided resident engineering and CPM scheduling for
Sacramento Area Sewer District.
Perry Petersen, P.E.
Construction Management