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This "Change Order Summary" log meets the client Project
Manager's understanding of the Board of Directors'
requirements.  The construction manager's change log has
many more columns of data. Perry was CM on the project.
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Change Control; Change Orders

Owners place great emphasis on project quality, and
project cost control has equal attention.  The control
of schedule is closely related to cost control. Regular
and systematic efforts are needed to be successful
in this kind of review.  Consequently, the control of
changes requires a sound, systematic approach to
be successful.

Change Control is a part of every Construction
Management Plan.  At the heart are the listing of
contract bid items and the list of change orders (in
process, approved, and field progress on completion
of changes).

Some aspects that need care to avoid overlooking
them are:
• What is the effect of a change?
• Are the changes creating issues in original scope?
• Are the changes being negotiated signed promptly?
• Is the field work proceeding promptly on changes?
• Does the owner want to include project additions?
• Are additions becoming a workflow issue?
• How can schedule facilitate changes?

Perry's work includes creating systems to evaluate
and track changes and their effects on the overall
construction work.  These systems goal is to
complete work on-time, on-budget and to the quality


Previous work includes incorporating Change Control
systems in Construction Management plans, and
administering the plans as a resident engineer and
construction manager:

Management Plans for Programs:

Portland CSO Wastewater Program   
Eugene-Springfield Wastewater Program
Decatur IL Wastewater Program
Nashville Wastewater Program
Al Kawther Desal Program

Updates to Management Plans for Programs:

SFPUC Water Program (construction phase)
Portland CSO Wastewater Program
San Francisco Airport Program


Long Beach Wastewater
Pacifica Clean Water
Stockton Wastewater
Castroville Seawater Intrusion Project
Oakland Airport Security System
and others

Perry can be reached at 650-255-7625, or by email
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