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Microtunnel Boring Machine (MTBM) (72-Inch) in position for
second of two bores under the American River river in
Sacramento. Perry provided resident engineering services and
dispute resolution services for the owner.
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Partnering; Dispute Resolution

Partnering and Dispute Resolution are closely
related in that even with partnering, disputes may

Many have favorable experience with Partnering in
avoiding and resolving potential disputes and

At the heart of the matter are establishing trust,
project knowledge and encouraging actions toward
success for all concerned.

Nearly all of Perry's projects and programs have
Partnering at the outset and though the
construction.  Most of the time it is of help in
resolving issues and often it can avoid creating
issues when they are suspected ahead of time.


Much of the detail of dispute resolution can be
subject to confidentiality agreements, limiting
description of much of the specifics. Recently, Perry
participated as a disputes resolution team member
on several large wastewater projects, providing input
to the owner's team.  This included extensive review
and analysis of documentation, recommendations
on further evaluation, and recommendations on
positions that may be effective in negotiating
successfully.  Perry provided a website design to the
legal team for ease of reference to a resource library.
This is a secure site to limit access to the specific
project team members with password-access.

Perry's projects for the past ten years have all
incorporated partnering as a valued method of
getting the project team together, to recognized the
various goals and objectives.
Even when partnering works, there is a need for
dispute resolution techniques to reach agreement
on issues.  

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