Project Control Systems;
CPM Scheduling
Cost Estimating
Schedule and Cost Tracking and Control

The purpose of Project Controls Systems is to
provide systematic support to the process of knowing
the scope/ schedule/cost of a project, regularly
review it, and detect when there are deviations or
trends that may deviate from plan. Reporting in
multi-project systems shows status by groups as
desired by the owner.

Perry's experience includes years of expertise in
creating and using systems for scheduling, cost
estimating and control, and reporting. The
experience ranges from single projects to
design-construct programs over $1 billion.  His
experience includes doing the detail work himself as
well as supervising consultants and owner staff for
project controls.

His work has assisted in timely project completion,
and when issues arose, the systems assisted in
working around problems.  Where problems were not
able to be solved during the project, Perry's work
and assistance has helped win disputes from both
contractors and owners.  His experience as a
construction contractor and as an owner increase
his ability to solve problems and arrive at solutions
that are acceptable to all involved.

Current Assignments:

This year Perry is a disputes resolution team
member on several projects, and providing
computer-aided engineering specialty support,
including scheduling and cost analysis and
estimating.  On a Scramento project to re-line miles
of sewer with Insituform liners, Perry is providing
CPM scheduling services to the Owner, Sacramento
Area Sewer District.

Other Assignments:

Past work included detail creating of critical path
method (CPM) construction schedules both for
owners and contractors.

As Project Control Schedule Reviewer for a
construction management team, Perry's work
included review construction contractor's critical
path method (CPM) schedule for conformance with
specifications, reasonable and appropriate activities
and logic, and reasonableness of critical path. This
project involved the rehabilitation of two wastewater
existing Pump Stations: PS 77-A and PS 77-B. 2004.

Reported to SFPUC as Construction Manager for the
Program Manager for the $4 billion water design and
construction program. One role was to supervise and
critique the detail-level construction schedule
created to plan the shutdown of the aqueduct from
Hetch Hetchy while a 10 foot diameter pipeline was
constructed to bypass the Priest Reservoir. This
construction work later was successful, in part due
to the very detail planning that preceded the field

On the Third Street Light Rail, Muni Metro East
Facility, San Francisco Municipal Railway, San
Francisco, California, Perry was part of an overview
consulting review. Perry was the Project Delivery
Planner-Manager, creating a report on an unusual
method of project delivery, he reviewed the Muni
Metro East Facility contract and prepared a report on
how to accomplish the work using a CM/GC
approach where the CM lets multiple prime contracts
to firms who would have been subcontractors to a
single prime. The review team approach included
cost estimators and construction engineers. This
included contrasting the intended schedule and
cost with conventional schedule and cost for the

Perry wrote the Portland, OR, $900 million Combined
Sewer Overflow Program Management Plan which
describes the objectives, requirements and steps for
the CSO Program Management Team to implement
the program, involving specification of the
procedures for CPM schedule control at the program
and project level, cost controls, progress payments
and computer support for the program management
of studies, planning, design and construction.

Retrofit of Power Generation to Existing San Gabriel
Dam: As Vice President for the Design-Build
Team,and project manager during the concept, bid,
award and construction periods, Perry provided
project controls and overview, Perry created and
updated the CPM for the entire design-build
process, including concept, design, construction
and initial operation. This assisted the team and the
owner in cost-effective completion of this complex

Perry can be reached at 650-255-7625, or by email
Engineering Products

• CPM Schedule network creation
• Review of Contractor's CPM Schedule
• Analysis of Project Schedule (As-Built Schedule)
• Design/implement Schedule & Cost Control System
• Create Specification for CPM schedule/cost controls
• Work with team to work around potential delays.
• Cost estimates for changed work.
• Review of contractor cost estimates
• Management reports on schedule, cost, changes.
Perry uses a variety of software including Primavera, SureTrak,
Microsoft Project, Excel and others to build scope, cost and
schedule control tools customized to a project or program.
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